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Phyllis Landrieu, M.Ed., President & CEO

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When children living in poverty first arrive at the schoolhouse steps, they often already face some of the toughest obstacles to success in school — hunger and malnutrition, physical and mental illness, undiagnosed disease and untreated chronic pain. Yet we expect these children to achieve at the same level as those whose basic needs are being met.

Unfortunately, nothing in our educational system exists to address these children’s needs in a holistic, coordinated way, and so the cycle of poverty continues. 

At the Childhood & Family Learning Foundation (CFLF), we are working to change this. Led by community activist Phyllis Landrieu, M. Ed., we represent child advocates, educators, and service providers throughout New Orleans. We recognize that even the best-intentioned national programs have failed to make a significant, enduring impact in our community. New Orleans' children still lag behind their peers in neighboring parishes, the state, and the nation. 

With generous support from Baptist Community Ministries, Entergy, AT&T, and many other  foundations and individuals, we address the very root causes of this achievement gap. We provide comprehensive health assessments for the children of Orleans Parish.  Based on the findings, leading health care providers and faculty then offer targeted services to help each individual child thrive physically, and thus academically.

Every New Orleans student deserves the same chance at success — the same opportunity to be a vibrant, healthy, and motivated young scholar. Only a coordinated, unified effort that addresses the educational and health-related barriers to success can offer each child a true chance at that.



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Anne Cutler talks to Phyllis Landrieu about the Foundation’s work addressing issues like hunger, malnutrition, physical and mental illness, undiagnosed disease and untreated chronic pain in school kids living in poverty.

See the interview: http://wgno.com/2013/09/29/coordinated-care-for-school-kids-in-povertyphyllis-landrieuchildhood-and-family-learning-foundation/#ixzz2gV87ntIv



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Coordinated Care for the Whole Child

This is the mission of the Childhood & Family Learning Foundation.

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